Antigua Events


As springtime air prepares Antigua for the summer months, the popular activity of kite flying is showcased during a series of competitions throughout Antigua. This family-friendly festival is perfect for vacationers traveling with small children. Choose to actively engage in the competition with your own kite, or simply sit back and relax as the sky becomes crowded with colorful works of art. The festival includes beachside competitions, indoor kite-flying, delicious barbeques, snorkeling events and more. Specific dates and events vary from year-to-year, but the International Kite Festival promises to provide guests with unforgettable memories. 

During the last week of April, Antigua and Barbados collaborate to host the annual Antigua Sailing Week. This long event draws hundreds of yachts to the Caribbean, where they spend seven days engaging in races, barbeques and vessel showcases. Sailing Week commences with the traditional Around the Island Race and the popular Beach Bash, which is held in Fort James. This initial day of festivities includes rum punch parties, live steel-drum performances, excited crowds and dazzling boats. On the final day of the event, boats enjoy their final ceremonies during the Beating of the Retreat in Nelson’s Dockyard.

Another seaside event takes place each April that is sure to attract boating enthusiasts – the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. This celebration embraces and showcases the art of classic wooden sailboats and ships. While the festivities are not as lively as Antigua’s Sailing Week, the Classic Yacht Regatta is an excellent way to view some of the Caribbean’s most impressive wooden vessels while basking in the salty ocean air at the Antigua Yacht Club.


If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting Antigua during the warm months between July and August, you absolutely must attend the Antigua Carnival. A tradition amongst Caribbean nations, this carnival is an explosive spectacle of music, passion and partying. This is truly one of the best ways for vacationers to get an authentic taste of Antigua’s enticing culture. Favorite events include the annual Parade of Costumed Bands, the stunning Miss Antigua Pagaent and festive street parties throughout the Carnival. Visitors can sample local dishes are food fairs, celebrate with patriotic locals and dance the night away in the lively streets.

Every August, Antigua dedicates an entire weekend to delicious mangoes and pineapples. Cherishing the island’s favorite local produce, the Mango and Pineapple Festival begins with workshops aimed to educate visitors and natives about the many uses and benefits of the two fruits. After becoming knowledgable about mangos and pineapples, patrons are invited to watch as professional chefs from around the world compete to concoct unique dishes that showcase the fruit. Bartenders get in on the action as well, mixing innovative cocktails using the fruit juices. If you are a fan of either fruit, this festival is sure to delight your taste buds; few things are more satisfying than dripping mango juice all over your fingertips as you dig into a ripe fruit while lounging on the beaches of Antigua.


Gearing up for Independence Day has earned its own holiday in Antigua. The day before the island’s National Independence Day, locals celebrate National Dress Day. This event sparks excitement throughout the island as businesses, children’s school and government buildings are adorned with vivid decorations.

After National Dress Day, the true celebration begins on November 1st of each year, when the island comes alive to celebrate its Independence Day. Tourists and natives alike flock to St. Johns for an action-packed day of partying. Enjoy food fairs, sporting events, live steel bands, dance spectacles, art exhibits and more. This holiday combines historical events with the island’s passion for its culture and heritage, making it an ideal way for travelers to get a taste of Antigua.


During winter, many travelers are gearing up for holiday celebrations. Traveling to Antigua is an excellent way to enjoy a unique holiday season. Forgo the typical snow-covered Christmas, and escape to Antigua’s warm, sandy shores for unforgettable winter festivities. On December 25th, the island hosts its annual Christmas celebration at Nelson’s Dockyard. Yachters collect around a historical landmark within this National Park to celebrate the holiday with a champagne toast. The event also includes live calypso music and local foods. Many of the event features operate to fund island charities.

Topping of the perfect holiday season, the Antigua Yacht Club celebrates the end of each year with a fantastic sailing race. Known as the Lord Nelson’s New Year’s Eve Pursuit Race, this event is a lively celebration that showcases the island’s love for the water. At the conclusion of the race, participants and spectators gather at the Officer’s Quarters in Nelson’s Dockyard to distrubute prizes and party with a local favorite, Chippy’s famous rum punch.

To ring in the New Year, the streets of Antigua come alive with dancing, decorations and merrymaking. On New Years Eve, tourists and locals come together to barbeque on beaches, dance to live steel bands and stroll through the streets, which are adorned in tinsel and other décor left over from Christmas. Restaurants, clubs and bars are bustling throughout the evening as partiers celebrate the approaching New Year. On January 1st, the city reawakens for a must-see street parade. Participants don outrageous costumes, acrobats soar through the air and dancers perform to live music. There is no better way to ring in a new year.

During the third weekend of January, the Antigua Yacht Club hosts its annual Round the Island Race. Boats of all shapes and sizes compete in a fun-filled race that is sure to excite spectators. Accompanying the race, the event includes live entertainment and the island’s infamous Miss Antigua competition.

While the events described above are enough to fill any traveler’s calendar with fun and excitement, these are only a sampling of the endless festivities that keep Antigua bustling throughout the entire year. When planning your next island getaway, be sure to consider the timing of your trip in regards to coinciding events. If there is a particular festival that you are smitten with, plan your Antigua vacation around that event to ensure a memorable trip. With so many celebrations, it is no wonder the Antigua locals seem to always be in good spirits